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E Dal Hall Program Commission Announcement

[05-04-2023] Mr. Honghan Jiang, the Commission's chairman, and Superior Synergy (HK) International Consulting Limited formed the E Dao Hall Program Commission (“EDHPC”) on April 30, 2023.

The EDHPC is committed to becoming the navigator of the youth taekwondo training industry, utilizing the EDHPC certification mechanism to provide taekwondo dojos with the concept of martial arts education in line with the physical and mental development of youth, as well as the dojo management mechanism with contemporary operational concepts.

On May 04, 2023, EDHPC launched the following events:

• SSICHK enters a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Jiang Hongyang Taekwondo Dojo (the "JHTD") to develop EDHPC certification and coaching programs in China.

• EDHPC grants JHTD permission to employ qualified personnel and utilize the EDHPC certification system to administer the comprehensive certification scheme.

• EDHPC aids JHTD in the establishment of a “E Dao Hall Demonstration Dojo” for presentation.