The E Dao Hall Program Commission (the “EDHPC”) was founded in April 2023 by the Commission's chairman, Mr. Honghan Jiang. The EDHPC with its certification and coaching groups is committed to becoming the navigator of the youth taekwondo training industry, utilizing the EDHPC certification mechanism to provide taekwondo dojos with the concept of martial arts education in line with the physical and mental development of youth, as well as the management mechanism of the dojo with contemporary operational concepts. Mr. Jiang incorporates cloud-based technologies and the most recent national education policies into the EDHPC coaching group to assist taekwondo dojos in achieving quality and quantity innovation and development.
Seung – Jae Heo
Yaxin Zhang
Seung – Jae Heo  Taekwondo / Sports & Recreation Industry

Member of World Taekwondo Federation

International Olympic Committee Solidarity Technical Coaches

Taekwondo Official approval Kukkiwon 8 Dan

Yong In University, graduated in Taekwondo majoring

Korean National Sport University Physical Education Dr.

Republic of Korea Taekwondo Junior National Team Trainer

WT Poomsae, Kyorugi International Referee Commissioner

Yaxin Zhang  Taekwondo / Sports & Recreation Industry

Founder of Qunying International Taekwondo Club

President of Fujian Branch of China Taekwondo Education and Development Institute

Head Coach of China Taekwondo Education and Development Institute

Chinese Taekwondo Association Black Belt 3 Dan