SSIC has recognized the situation and will be positioned to act as a bridge to fill the gap for the market of business consumers in North America (manufactories and traders). We can easily assist fishing tackle manufacturers and traders in the United States and Canada in locating original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) products, and related suppliers in China because SSIC has strong ties in the Chinese fishing tackle industry.

With two customer service centers in the United States (Seattle, WA, and Diamond Bar, CA), SSIC can provide direct support in North America and ensure that the proposed fishing tackle products are identical to the samples that we presented to you prior to entering into a purchase agreement with any suppliers.

SSICUS Fishing Tackle Solutions for Manufacturers & Traders

We offer business solutions to North American fishing tackle manufacturers and traders.

Since 2020, there have been numerous cancellations of fishing tackle shows due to COVID-19 concerns, as virus conditions in the United States and Canada rapidly deteriorated.

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the globe beginning in 2020, many fishing trade shows have decided to cancel before their scheduled dates. The current state of the fishing tackle industry has resulted in a scarcity of suppliers during the Pandemic season for the North American market.

Welcome to be our clients, let's locate the Chinese OEMs, ODMs, and suppliers for the following fishing tackle products for you: