SSIC assists fishing tackle manufacturers and traders in the North America in locating original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) products, and related suppliers in China.
With our new business solution, E Dao Hall, we're working to help Taekwondo gyms save money, improve efficiency and increase membership while enhancing profitability and giving total management solutions for future business growth.
SSICUS Fishing Tackle Solutions for Manufacturers & Traders
E Dao Hall Solutions for Taekwondo Gyms

The Sports & Recreation market has expanded rapidly in recent years, with consumers constantly looking for new hobbies and activities to enjoy, whether it's going to the theater, working out at the gym, or relaxing at a spa.

Many aspects of the industry have adapted to the online world, such as the rise of online betting and the digitization of art. On a sporting level, wearable technology provides users with data about their performance, while technology can improve the sports fan experience both in the stadium and on screens at home.

The Sports and Recreation industry is extremely diverse, encompassing everything from museums to professional sports. Cultural events and the performing arts, as well as libraries and museums, are all part of the art and culture sector. Recreational activities include gardening and musical instruments, as well as amusement parks, national parks, and outdoor activities (including fishing, hunting…)

The sports side of the industry includes the entire professional sports market, including team and individual sports all over the world, as well as sports betting and the fan experience. Global sporting events such as the Olympics are also covered, as are general public sports participation and engagement with fitness and physical activity.

Finally, the wellness and spas market is included in the industry, which includes everything from day spas and massage parlors to yoga and meditation.

Among the related fields are including:

Art & Culture


Hobbies (fishing, hunting, etc.)

Parks & Outdoors (hiking…)

Professional Sports

Sports & Fitness (including MMA, kickboxing, boxing, boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and others)

Wellness & Spas

Any company in the Sports & Recreation industry, particularly in Fishing Tackle and Taekwondo Gyms fields, SSIC can assess your growth potential and tailor an executable business expansion strategy to your needs.

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