The healthcare services market is a $50 billion plus industry, and is growing exponentially without any signs of slowing down.

While digital health is a massive growth opportunity, many healthcare entities are struggling to grow and maintain their business in the face of a shifting internet landscape. As such, this is another area where healthcare consulting firms can add value: expertise in market competitiveness, operational efficiency, and enterprise performance. These strategies will remain the bread and butter for the vast majority of these firms.

The majority of these industries adopt similar approaches. At the most basic level, industry experts from the consulting firms work to understand the client needs, the requirements of the specific market consumers being served, the needs of the business entities, and other outlying variables related to the issue at hand. Once these factors are understood and established, experts work with stakeholders to provide strategic recommendations and implement key frameworks for the clients to use moving forward.


Healthcare is a massive industry. In the US alone, it accounts for roughly 1/3 of the $20 trillion US economy.

Product-based healthcare projects

Product-based work centers around the development, distribution, marketing, and strategy of building medical products.

Delivery-based healthcare projects

Delivery-based work centers around issues of delivering healthcare services to patients, including everything from how patients pay for that service to where they receive it (e.g., over a video-conference call).

SSIC’s consulting team delivers the necessary industry insight and strategic perspective that is required to address critical business issues. Our collaborative, project-based approach is designed to build client capabilities and provide our customers with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to address specific problem areas so that they can move forward with confidence.

Some of the ways we help our clients include:

Enabling growth and new business development

Developing strategies in response to changing regulations

Driving innovation

Enhancing social and healthcare delivery models

Capitalizing on the emerging healthcare “retail” market

Improving operational effectiveness

Evaluating M&A opportunities

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