To create a viable brand offering business management and consultancy services to SMEs of USA and China;

To deliver impact specifically to our direct stakeholder groups, including clients, employees and shareholders;

To target small business incorporated in the USA and Canada, aiming to expand their business scales into China;

To give services to small business incorporated in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), aiming to expand their  

business scales into North America; More importantly, maintain excellent relationships that enrich and enhance the lives of people;

To develop and maintain a competent staff: developing and maintaining a highly professional and capable team to be capable of servicing the multiple needs of clients;

Attracting professionals with a passion for customer service will place the company on the path that leads the industry to long-

term success and viability;

To develop a template for expansion: long-term plans do, however, call for development. With that being said, we will look to

create a strategic model that can be layered over in other locations throughout the United States and that yields the same

type of financial and brand success;

To form strategic partnerships to aid in scaling up operations;

To continuously come out with useful/innovative ideas that will consistently benefit our clients and community;

To maintain sustainable growth and increased profitability;