Mr. Wyman Zeng, our President & CEO and Treasurer & CFO, previously worked as the Chief Executive Officer of a local company in Shenzhen, where he actively managed all business operations from January 2019 to September 2020.

He also previously worked as the General Manager of a Guangzhou-based IT company from December 2016 to December 2018, and as the Investment Invitation Director of a Guangdong-based company from January 2014 to November 2016.

In June 2015, Mr. Zeng completed the “Management Presidential Courses” and a series of entrepreneur programs from the senior management training center at Shanghai Jiaotong University.  

Mr. Wyman Zeng envisioned and created the business based on his passion for the industry and his desired need to have more control over his future. His goal is to continue to stimulate the economy by providing well-needed services and creating an environment that not only expects hard work and dedication from staff but also believes and practices work-life balance. Given his values and professional interests, Mr. Wyman Zeng established SSIC with the objective of helping the small businesses by providing business consulting services in the areas of business expansion.

In addition to Mr. Wyman Zeng who manages and supervises every client project, we also have a committee of subject matter experts who join us on projects as needed to add the necessary specific skills required in a particular consulting project. Our subject matter experts specialize in operations, marketing, human resources, and business expansion to fulfill our clients’ projects and deliver their desired results.

Wyman Zeng

President & CEO and Treasurer & CFO
Honghan Jiang
Zhiming Zhao
Shengliang Yu
Arthur F Wu

Mr. Honghan Jiang has been appointed as our Secretary since August 9, 2022.

His responsibilities include the following:

1. Ensuring that meetings are successfully arranged and minuted;

2. Maintaining effective records and administration; and

3. Adhering to the legal requirements of governing documents, company law, and so on (where relevant).

Mr. Jiang has also been retained as the Chief Consultant of SSIC's Advisory Board since July 10, 2022.

Mr. Jiang was the Founder of Honghan Taekwondo Gyms and the Dean of China Taekwondo Education Development Institute before to joining SSIC.

Mr. Jiang holds the following Taekwondo related titles:

Section 6 of the National Institute of Technology,

National First-Class Trainer,

National First-Class Examiner

First-Class National Referee

Furthermore, Mr. Jiang received the WTF Outstanding Contribution Award in 2008, the Korean National Institute of Technology Outstanding Contribution Award in September 2011, and the WTF Outstanding Contribution Award again in 2013.

SecretaryHonghan Jiang
Mr. Zhiming Zhao was the Financial Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Chengma International Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. from May 2019 to September 2020. In addition, he also worked as the Vice Manager of Shenzhen Fuhuate Precision Technology Co., Ltd. from February 2011 to April 2019.

In July 1992, Mr. Zhao graduated from Jiangxi Vocational College of Finance & Economics with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and more than 25 years of financial management and risk control experience.

Mr. Zhao currently serves as SSIC's Director and Financial Vice President ("FVP"). His work includes:
1. Organizing the preparation of annual comprehensive financial plans and controlling standards according to SSIC’s medium and long-term business plan.
2. Establishing and improving the financial management system, and exercising overall control over the daily management, annual budget, and capital operation of the financial department.
3. Supervising the preparation of financial statements and financial budget and final accounts, and providing timely and effective financial analysis for SSIC decision-making.
4. Organizing and managing the SSIC's taxation.
5. Accurately monitoring and forecasting the cash flow, determining/monitoring the reasonable structure of the SSIC's liabilities and capital.
6. Providing advice and decision-making support to the SSIC's major investments, financing, mergers, acquisitions and other business activities; participating in risk assessment, guidance, tracking and control.
7. Establishing and maintaining good relations with other relevant agencies such as finance, taxation, banking, securities and other related departments and accounting firms.
Director & Financial Vice PresidentZhiming Zhao

24From June 2017 until March 2022, Mr. Shengliang Yu served as the executive director of Shandong Runmao Information Technology Co., Ltd. From July 2015 to January 2018, he was also the Manager of Qingdao Chan Lian Lian Yi Business Consultation Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yu had finished the Tsinghua University Chinese President (CEO) Curriculum Advanced Course and received its credentials between April 11, 2022 and May 16, 2022.

Mr. Yu is the executive director of both Qingdao Bodao Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Xin Bo Jun Dao(Qingdao)Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

His current position at SSIC is Director and Vice President (VP). He is responsible for managing executive-level company meetings to discuss key issues such as strategic goals, code of conduct, and litigation, as well as reporting to the CEO and board of directors or stakeholders on the status and performance of SSIC's projects, submitting viable project and venture proposals to the CEO or stakeholders, and monitoring changing industry trends and adapting SSIC's goals and projects to reflect these trends and appeal to stakeholders.

Director & Vice President (VP)Shengliang Yu

Since November 23, 2021, Mr. Arthur F Wu has served as our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). His duties, in the USA, include:

· Planning, implementing, and overseeing all marketing and advertising campaigns.

· Liaising with sales and public relations teams to align objectives.

· Growing and developing the in-house marketing team.

· Building a network of reliable external agencies and marketing professionals.

· Conducting market research and staying abreast of competitor positioning.

· Contributing to new business development initiatives.

· Budget management.

Mr. Wu has served as President of Ultimate Jigging Inc, a California corporation, since April 25, 2012. This company is a retailer of fishing tackle in the United States.

From January 19, 2006 to May 5, 2014, he was President of Jaws International Inc, a California-based fishing tackle importer and exporter.

Chief Marketing Officer
Arthur F Wu