We are a management consulting firm helping small businesses to solve their business challenges and reach their business goals, resulting in more efficient and profitable in their business expansion development.

Especially, our consulting term are accumulated many years of direct experience in the industries of Silicone Rubber and Sport & Recreation.

The combination of below four factors set us apart from our competitors:

● Our adherence to the highest ethical standards ensures we put your interests before ours.

● Our extensive industry experience of Silicone Rubber and Sport & Recreation provides you with the right pragmatic advice for a winning project.

● Our modern approach to consulting gives you the edge you need.

● Our team’s formal training provides the necessary skillset to help you find your desired solutions.

Our Mission is “To help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm via our strategies.” As of our service goal, we provide our innovations that are not only bringing well business expansion structure into clients' versions but also extending clients' opportunities for future growth in the pre-designed direct and less cost way.

To create a viable brand offering business management and consultancy services to SMEs of USA and China;

To deliver impact specifically to our direct stakeholder groups, including clients, employees and shareholders;

To target small business incorporated in the USA and Canada, aiming to expand their business scales into China;

To give services to small business incorporated in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), aiming to expand their  

business scales into North America; More importantly, maintain excellent relationships that enrich and enhance the lives of people;

To develop and maintain a competent staff: developing and maintaining a highly professional and capable team to be capable of servicing the multiple needs of clients;

Attracting professionals with a passion for customer service will place the company on the path that leads the industry to long-

term success and viability;

To develop a template for expansion: long-term plans do, however, call for development. With that being said, we will look to

create a strategic model that can be layered over in other locations throughout the United States and that yields the same

type of financial and brand success;

To form strategic partnerships to aid in scaling up operations;

To continuously come out with useful/innovative ideas that will consistently benefit our clients and community;

To maintain sustainable growth and increased profitability;

Our Objectives

We will always do what is right, fair, and ethical to our customer.


We will share appropriate information in an honest and open manner to our customer.


We will be considerate of others through the proper modes of approaching.

Team Work

We will encourage and reward our team.


We will strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent

with goals of our foundation.


We will be positive, enthusiastic and have a vibrant spirit.


We will lead by example. Our actions speak louder than words.

Professional Development and Professional skills

We will advance our talent and expertise to their fullest potential.


We will be responsible for our action and understand our employee’s impact on others.

Our Code Value