All successful business startups must eventually consider the opportunity of business expansion or growth. However, expanding a business holds both opportunities and risks. But with the help of SSIC, we can ensure opportunities be maximized and risks mitigated.

SSIC is a global management consulting firm with a unique and specialized focus on business expansion for clients in Silicone Rubber and Sport & Recreation industries. Established in the state of Washington, we have subsidiaries in Hong Kong and an executive office in Shenzhen, China.

Our customizable expansion solutions are tailor-made so that each client - whether a startup company or an integrated small-sized organization - will have the tools to enable them to drive complex changes and gain a competitive edge in the current economy.

We aim to discover and identify areas of expansion within our clients’ operation, and turn them into opportunities for financial growth and development.

We help our clients maximize success rates and work collaboratively to identify and understand key business challenges and their root causes. This ensures that we deliver substantial results that help the businesses of our clients thrive. By applying deep analytical capabilities and our practical experience, we are confident that we will be able to satisfy the goals and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We strive to operate with a client-focused mindset, recognizing the most effective method is to adapt our approach to individually address the needs of each of our clientele. We focus on working with and engaging with our clients, as opposed to recommending, as we create practical, implementable solutions that have a real business impact.

Focus Industries


Although our methodologies and expertise are applicable to a wide range of businesses in various industries, our expert team has accumulated many years of direct experience in Focus Industries as below
Sports & Recreation
Silicone Rubber
Success Stories
Co-operating agency



Our primary industries of concentration are Silicone Rubber and Sports & Recreation.

In the Sports & Recreation industry, we focus primarily on the Fishing Tackle and Taekwondo Gyms businesses.

SSIC works with our target clients to improve their efficacy and profitability. Our key services catalogs are as follows:

SSICUS Operations Expansion Solutions


● Branding

● Consumer & Shopper Insights

● Customer Lifecycle Management

● Pricing

● Sales & Channel Management

● Sales in Foreign Markets

SSICUS Marketing & Sales Expansion Solutions

SSICUS Corporate Expansion Solutions


SSICUS Fishing Tackle Solutions for Manufacturers & Traders


E Dao Hall Solutions for Taekwondo Gyms


How to grow your small business in 2023?

Try us! SSIC can help you identify and overcome the common pitfalls associated with business expansion and help your business grow and thrive.